Spring 2012 Elections

Need an excellent title on your resume? Need the experience to back it up? GIS is offering its members to suit up, speak up, and obtain a board position with GIS!

Come join us for the Spring 2012 Elections on Tuesday, November 29 from 5:30-6:30 PM in the TSU-Hetebrink.

For the elections, you will need to prepare a short 1-3 minute speech about why you are the best candidate for the position. Please bring your work/internship schedule (if available), wear business professional attire, and resume.

The positions available for the Spring 2012 Semester are:

President: Work with the Center for Insurance Studies and Finance Department. Pick up mail weekly. Meet monthly with the advisor for progress reports. Create relations with alumni. Attend OCRIMS events. Request parking permits. Lead the executive board and follow up.

Executive Vice-President: Second-in-command to the President. Attend meetings/events in lieu of the President if not present. Reserve rooms for meetings in the upcoming semester. Plan out office tours with insurance companies. Will be considered the successor for the President position.

Vice-President of Finance: Deposit/withdraw money into ASI account. Send chapter fees to the grand chapter every month using money orders. Research fundraiser ideas.

Vice-President of Industry Relations: Plan out which guest speakers to invite. Keep in contact with speakers and coordinate with President on how each meeting will be run. Greet guest speakers on arrival before the meeting and hand out parking permits.

Vice-President of Public Relations: Plan out different approaches to recruit new members. Research and recruit for potential sponsors from various corporations. Contact and update alumni list. Prepare schedules for Membership Drive and In-Class Presentations.

Vice-President of Administration: Prepare monthly chapter reports. Compile list for membership. Electronically input member information to the Grand Chapter. Submit applications to the Grand Chapter via e-mail.

Vice-President of Marketing: Create invitations for guest speaker meetings and social events through Anyvite, Facebook, and portal messages. Prepare flyers. Works closely with the Vice-President of MIS.

Vice-President of Activities: Plan out which food options will be provided at each meeting. Pick up food for the meeting. Work closely with the BICC representative to propose for guest speaker meeting food. Research restaurants for the end-of-the-semester banquet.

Vice-President of MIS: Update and enhance website on a daily basis. Work on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts on a weekly basis. Take and upload photos. Works closely with the Vice-President of Marketing.

BICC Representative: Attend BICC meetings held on Tuesday’s 11:30-12:30 PM in the Student Club Room. Prepare proposals and propose for guest speaker meetings and conferences. Work with the Vice-President of Activities to create proposals.

NOTE: You can run for a position even if you are not currently a GIS member. However, if you do get elected into the position you will have to eventually become a GIS member since we are a part of a grand chapter and pay fees. Also, you may run for a position even if there is a class schedule conflict with our meeting time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at csufgis@gmail.com.

Join the board today!


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