Congratulations to the CIS Scholarship Winners!

Congratulations to all of the winners from the CIS Scholarship Ceremony last night!

The winners included:

  • George Joseph Insurance Scholarship-Chayson Descisciolo
  • Insurance Professionals of OC Scholarship-Jonathan Matson
  • Marumoto Family Scholarship-Andres Maldonado
  • Surety Underwriters Association of Southern California Scholarship-Angie Valentine
  • Travelers Insurance Scholarship-Jon Wilson
  • Wayne Partee Insurance Scholarship-Patrick Golebiowski
  • Insurance Day Outstanding Student Award- Dymphna Menendez and Victoria Vu
  • Mercury Insurance Outstanding Student Award-Chad Olesiak
  • Pacific Life Outstanding Student Award- Tien Nguyen
  • Zenith Outstanding Insurance Student Scholarship-Travis Ames
  • FAME Outstanding Student Award-Eliseo Cabrera

Over 12 GIS board members/members received awards totaling $19,000! This is a BIG improvement from the previous year. Hope to see more GIS members win next year!

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