Upcoming Events

Weekly Meetings on Mondays 5:00-6:00 & Tuesdays 4:30-5:30 PM in TSU Hetebrink

Monday, Aug 22-Thursday, Sept 8:          Tabling in the Mihaylo Courtyard @8:00 am – 5:00pm
Tuesday, Sept 6:                                              Kick-off in SGMH 4270 @4:15pm
Monday, Sept 12:                                            Speaker Name – TSU Heterbrink @5:00pm 
Tuesday, Sept 20:                                           Speaker Name – TSU Heterbrink @4:15pm 
Monday, Sept 26:                                                  Speaker Name – TSU Heterbrink @5:00pm 

Thursday, Sept 29-Saturday, Oct 1:          GIS International Conference: Columbus, Ohio
Tuesday, Oct 4:                                                Speaker Name – TSU Heterbrink @4:15pm 
Monday, Oct 10:                                                    Speaker Name – TSU Heterbrink @5:00pm 
Tuesday, Oct 18:                                                    
Speaker Name – TSU Heterbrink @4:15pm 
Monday, Oct 24:                                              Speaker Name – TSU Heterbrink @5:00pm 

Tuesday, Nov 1:                                              Speaker Name – TSU Heterbrink @4:15pm 
Monday, Nov 7:                                              Speaker Name – TSU Heterbrink @5:00pm 
Tuesday, Nov 15:                                            Speaker Name – TSU Heterbrink @4:15pm 
Monday, Nov 21:                                            Speaker Name – TSU Heterbrink @5:00pm 
Tuesday, Nov 29:                                           Speaker Name – TSU Heterbrink @4:15pm 
Monday, Dec 5:                                               Speaker Name – TSU Heterbrink @5:00pm 

All dates & events are subject to change.*

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